Mining and Oil and Gas
Mining and Oil and Gas
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Mining and Oil and Gas Applications

Mining and Oil Gas Industry

Linear Actuators for Supporting Mining and Oil and Gas Applications

Mining and oil and gas industries come under the large scale sector known as ‘natural resources and mining’. Both industries utilize actuators for the flow, control, and regulation of gases, liquids, and crude petroleum. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, Venture Mfg. Co. supports mining and oil and gas applications with electric linear actuators.

Linear Actuators for Supporting Mining and Oil and Gas Applications

In both industries, electric linear actuators are used for valve automation processes. They can be used on any type of valve that has a linear movement. The actuators ensure that the pressure and flow control are in line with established limits.

To ensure that we can meet a wide range of application requirements, we provide the following types of electric linear actuators for mining and oil and gas industries:

Applications of Linear Actuators in Mining and Oil & Gas Industries

Linear actuators can be used to support the flow and control of liquids in a variety of methods:

  • We provide linear actuators for the mining industry to manage drilling choke valves. The actuators allow for accurate control of fluid velocities.

  • For the oil and gas industry, our linear actuators are the perfect solution when looking at replacements for obsolete hydraulic actuators

  • One of the most popular mining operations where Venture actuators are used are down hole applications. They are used to support drilling and mining valves for the unearthing of coal, metal ore, and non-metallic minerals.

  • Electric linear actuators for the oil and gas industry are utilized to control valve pressures for the remote opening and closing of valves in pipelines.

  • In pipelines, linear actuators are used with pipe crawlers. The actuators are used to create the linear motion that the crawler requires for inspection procedures.

  • For oil and gas well heads, linear actuators can be used as to support other major equipment such as separators and injection pumps. They are used to reduce large emissions of hazardous gases like methane.

Venture Mfg. Co. designs and manufactures linear actuators, which can support a variety of mining and oil and gas applications. They are the perfect solution for safety, positioning, diagnosis, and process control requirements.

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