VMD12 Series Actuators
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VMD12 Series Actuators

VMD12 Series Actuators

Make & Model :

Input Voltage:
24V DC
Maximum Load :
1500N (push/pull)
Maximum Current :
Maximum Speed:
18 mm/s @ no load, 12 mm/sec @ 600N
Stroke :
50~400 mm
Power wire length :
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Linear Actuators offer accurate motion control in various applications. Venture Mfg Co provides various innovative linear actuator devices for industrial and domestic applications. VMD12 actuators are a type of linear actuator supplied by Venture Mfg Co, which are used in diverse industries. These actuators are valued for their robust construction offering reliable movement in harsh conditions.

Specialized Features and Benefits

Features of VMD12 actuators

Below are some of the features of VMD12 actuators:

  • VMD12 are compact-sized, in-line actuators, which are designed for various industrial applications requiring less installation space.
  • These actuators can be availed in IP66, IP69K protection class and feature a dual Hall sensor positioning feedback.
  • The actuators are made from 304 stainless steel, which helps improve its corrosion resistance while offering high IP protection.

Specifications of VMD12 actuators

The industrial standard specifications of VMD12 actuators are mentioned below:

Input Voltage 24V DC
Maximum Load 1500N (push/pull)
Maximum Current 2A
Maximum Speed 18 mm/s @ no load, 12 mm/sec @ 600N
IP Protection Level IP66, IP69K
Operation Temperature -5?-70?
Stroke 50~400 mm
Power wire length 1000mm
Duty Cycle 10% or 2 minutes on 18 minutes off

Due to its linear and compact design these actuator may be used in many diverse applications.

  • Industrial Application: Some of the most distinguishing features which make our VMD12 actuators ideal for industrial applications are lower costs, ease of installation, and easy integration with other industrial systems. These actuators may be used in food industry, medical and marine applications as well as work platforms, lifts, tables, chairs etc.
  • Agricultural Application: Actuators in agricultural equipment demands precise positioning in harsh working environment such as bumps, rough fertilizers and etc. Our linear actuators offer higher value than conventional ones as they aid in improving ergonomics, and reducing human efforts.
  • Medical Centers: Medical institutions can use our VMD12 linear actuators to improve positioning, and ergonomics.

Performance Data

Let us review the performance of VMD12 actuators.

Model No. Push Max.(N) Pull Max.(N) Speed (mm/s) Current (A)
No Load Full Load No Load Full Load
VMD12-2419-XXXX.XXX 600 600 18 12 0.3 2.0
VMD12-2427-XXXX.XXX 1000 1000 12 7.5 0.3 2.0
VMD12-2443-XXXX.XXX 1500 1500 7 4 0.3 2.0

VMD12 Actuators Order Key

Our vast industry experience, and quality assurance makes us one of the most popular linear actuator suppliers in the U.S.

Venture Mfg. Co has a team of engineers and consultants having vast knowledge and expertise.


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