Standard Solar Acme Actuators
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Standard Solar Acme Actuators

Standard Solar Acme Actuators

Make & Model :

Input (DC) :
12/ 24/ 36/ 48/ 90/ 120 V
Speed (at full load) :
3.2mm / sec
Maximum Speed :
10 mm/s
Load Capacity:
Motor :
DC brush motor
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Actuators are used in almost every application, which requires a free, and smooth linear motion. Solar tracking is not an exception to this, and so linear actuators are being used widely in these applications. There are different types of actuators specially designed for use in the solar tracking applications, in order to meet all the requirements, and deliver optimal performance. Venture Mfg. Co. is one of the most leading manufacturers of standard solar Acme actuators in the US, with several years of experience in the same.

Beneficial Features of Standard Solar Acme Actuators Provided by Venture Mfg. Co.

The several beneficial features of these solar tracking actuators make them ideal for use in the solar tracking applications:

  • High Precision: A high level of precision is required in solar tracking applications, as several calculations are based on it. The linear actuators for solar tracking system are designed to deliver maximum precision while operating.
  • Stainless Steel Inner Tube: The inner tube of these actuators is made from stainless steel material, which makes the equipment stronger, and helps it deliver optimal performance for years.
  • Anti-rust Quality: The stainless steel construction of these solar panel linear actuators provides excellent resistance to rust.
  • High Durability: These actuators are extremely durable, and can withstand temperatures up to -26 °C.
  • Great Load Capacity: The standard solar acme actuators are known for their super-hold high static hold capacity, which makes them suitable for various solar tracking applications.
  • Heavy Duty Brackets: These linear actuators for solar tracking system feature heavy duty brackets, which provide an excellent grip.

Capabilities of the Standard Solar Acme Actuators

We have the capability to provide you solar tracking actuators in the following capabilities and specifications:

Type Standard Solar Acme Actuators
Speed (at full load): 3.2mm / sec
Maximum Speed 10 mm/s
Load Capacity 15000N
Static Load 20000N
Maximum Load 15000N
Motor DC brush motor
Screw Type ACME or Ball screw
Input (DC): 12/ 24/ 36/ 48/ 90/ 120 V
Cold Resistance up to -26 °C
Outer Diameter 2.25"
Operating Temperature Range -15 °F to 150 °F (-26 °C to 65 °C)
Sensor Type Reed Switch, Encoder, Potentiometer, Hall Effect
Standards EN60204-1: 2006, EMC: EN55014-1: 2006, EN 61000-6-4: 2007
Duty Cycle 20%
Limit Switch Adjustable
Standard Stroke Length 500mm/ 750mm/ 1000mm

We, at Venture Mfg. Co., are keen to deliver high-quality products. This drives us to manufacture standard solar Acme actuators that are capable of delivering optimal performance for several years. Our consistency in manufacturing industry-grade actuators for a wide range of applications has helped us build a large base of satisfied and happy clients.


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