Solar Tracking Actuators
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Solar Tracking Actuators

Solar Tracking Actuators

Always aware of the world’s need for efficient renewable energy sources, Venture Mfg. Co. once again is leading the industry by offering solar tracking actuators in specified force, stroke, length, and speed. The robust and efficient solar linear actuators can be seamlessly integrated with your solar panel tracking systems ,resulting in creating a smooth, precisely-controllable motion. Our range of solar tracker actuators provides a cost-effective solution for controlling a solar tracker’s elevation, and tracking of CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) and CSV (Concentrating Photovoltaic) systems.

Actuators in Solar Industry
Actuators in Solar Industry
  • Acme Screw Solar actuator
  • Ball Screw Solar actuator
Standard Solar Acme Actuators
Standard Solar Acme Actuators
  • High Level of Precision
  • Super-hold High Static Hold Capacity
Standard Solar Ball Screw Actuators
Standard Solar Ball Screw Actuators
  • Extra-long Heavy-duty Clamp
  • Available in Several Versions
Heavy Duty Solar Ball Screw Actuators
Heavy Duty Solar Ball Screw Actuators
  • Lifetime Lubrication
  • Available with Double Clevis Mounting
Custom design Solar Tracking Actuators
Custom Design Solar Tracking Actuators
  • Cost Effective Products
  • Solar Thermal Equipment
Solar Actuators Replacement Parts
Solar Actuator Replacement Parts
  • Complete Actuator Assembly
  • Complete Tube Assembly
  • Complete Motor Gearbox or Electric Motor
1200 series commercial linear actuators
1200 Series Linear Actuator
  • Durable Construction & Dependable Performance
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Actuators

What We Offer

Venture is working with some of the best solar power providers, both large and small, from around the world to develop and produce a complete line of actuators to meet the needs of the solar industry. Over the years, we have designed and delivered actuators for customized renewable energy trackers, screw jacks for solar tracking systems, solar tracking precision gearboxes, and actuators for solar panels among others.

Currently, we offer the following models of solar linear actuators that are proven to withstand harsh conditions in the solar industry

  • Heavy Duty Solar Ball Screw Actuators: Designed for heavy-duty solar tracking applications, these actuators are built to stand up to the environmental challenges.
  • Standard Solar Acme Screw Actuators : Available in both RoHS as well as CE compliant versions, our range of standard solar ACME screw actuators tolerate rough operating conditions and guarantees longer service life.
  • Standard Solar Ball Screw Actuators : With IP65 protection rating, these actuators are designed to position heavy loads. Guaranteed with high performance, standard ball screw actuators offer increased load carrying capacity and longer wear life.

Features of Solar Tracking Actuators

Our actuators used in the solar applications are known for the following beneficial features:

  • Double clevis mounting for easy installation
  • Clutch for overload protection
  • Adjustable limit switches for flexible travel settings
  • Reed sensor digital feedback for accurate positioning
  • Duty cycle is 25% (4 min. running, 12 min. rest)
  • IP65 rating provides protection against outdoor conditions
  • Lubricated for life
  • Heavy-duty construction to offer optimum performance even in unfavorable environmental conditions such as dirt, rains, storm, etc.

Applications of Solar Tracking Actuators

As mentioned earlier, these budget-friendly actuators can be integrated to automate the following equipment used in the solar tracking and renewable energy sectors.

  • Solar power concentration equipment
  • Photovoltaic device
  • Photovoltaic concentration equipment
  • PV panels
  • Concentrators – CPV
  • Heliostats

Venture’s linear actuators are also used in light manufacturing units, renewable energy grids, and other non-conventional power generation plants. With our high-end ACME screw solar actuators and ball screw solar actuators, you can be assured of the best solar tracking performance.

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