A 2 Key Guide for Selecting the Right DC Gear Motor for Medical Machines

Among the many electrical devices in use today, a DC motor is something, which is most commonly used in several applications. The applications, which require a rotary motion, are the ones using the DC motors. A geared DC motor or DC gearbox motor is an advanced stage of a regular DC motor. As the name suggests, these motors have a gear assembly attached to them, which allows one to adjust the torque and speed of the motor. Now, these motors find their use in various industries, including medical industry. However, selecting the right type of motor for the application goes a long way into deciding the efficiency, and hence the overall performance of the motor. How to ensure whether you have selected the right type of motor? Is this question bothering you? No need to stress out. Read the following post to get the answer.

How to Select the Correct DC Gear Motors Used for Medical Machines?


If you want to optimize the design of your medical machines then it is extremely important to select the DC gearbox motor wisely. How? There are two key considerations for selecting the right motor. These key considerations are as follows:

  1. Do You Understand Your Application?:
    This is the most basic consideration. You need to know for what application is the motor going to be used. Understanding the application is the key to selecting the right motor. Though not everything, there are certain things that are mandatory for you to know. These include physical size, and lifetime expectations of the application. Besides this, the following parameters of a motor are also important to consider:

    • Motor Efficiency
    • Torque and Speed
    • Duty Cycle
    • Available Voltage
  2. Brushed or Brushless? What’s the Choice?
    This is the second key consideration, and you are one step away from selecting the right one. There are two main types of DC gearbox motors – brushed, and brushless. The expertise of a company, which is manufacturing the medical device decides the type of motor to be used. Each of these type has its own set of properties, and beneficial features. Let’s understand these two types better.

    • Brushed Motors: The brushed motors are designed such that they do not require electronics for their operation. Thus, a considerable amount of cost is saved in the system design.
    • Brushless Motors: When you choose the brushless motors for the medical machine application, then you will be required to select from an external module, or built-in drive for generating the power required to drive the motor. One advantage that a brushless motor has over a brushed motor is that the former has the capability to run at higher speeds than a brushed motor.

Have you read these guidelines thoroughly? Make sure that you follow each and every guideline explained above, and no one can stop you from selecting the best-suited DC gear motor for your medical machine applications. Apart from these guidelines, you can also consider consulting an expert manufacturer or supplier of these devices, who can guide with the entire selection process. It is always good and advisable to take the expert advice before taking any hasty steps in buying the device, without knowing, or understanding little about it. Venture Mfg. Co. is one of the most experienced, trusted, and reliable DC gear motor manufacturers in the US.