How & Why Are Actuators Trending in the Military & Defense Industry?

Several technological advancements have triggered automation in almost every industry. Be it any industry, such as food and beverages, mining, agriculture, material handling, or semiconductor, automation? is seen almost everywhere. In every industry, the most important component in an automation system is an actuator, and the military and defense industry is not an exception to this.
The said industry makes use of actuators in most of its vehicles, components, and systems. Now, you must be thinking, what is the significance of actuators in the military industry? Are you intrigued to know? The following post will put some light on the importance, and benefits of actuators in the military industry. Also discussed in the post are applications of these automation devices.

What Makes Actuators Significant in the Military and Defense Industry?

Military automation is the latest trend, which has been one of the greatest boons to the defense industry. This is owing to the number of advantages provided by the actuators to the said industry. It is rightly said by Frank Whittle,

“A nation’s ability to fight a modern war is as good as its technological ability.”

Military Actuators

This holds true, and hence most countries have started upgrading their military automation technology, which includes employing different types of actuators.
One of the most crucial benefits of using automated vehicles with actuators in the war is that the number of lives at risk is reduced considerably.

Be it any branch of armed services – army, navy, or air force, actuators have a huge role to play.How?

  • On Land: The armored vehicles that run on land use actuators and automation systems for different purposes. To name a few:
    • Tanks use actuators for adjusting their elevation
    • Actuators are used to operate automated windows of vehicles
    • The actuators help reduce the vibration caused, when the armored vehicles move on the land.
  • In Water: Linear actuators are used in the naval vessels help them in changing the direction, while navigating by controlling the flaps. The armed naval vehicles use actuators for the elevation system, in order to adjust their weaponry. In addition to this, the valves, which help control the pressure by opening or closing, also make use of actuators.
  • In Air: How do you think the aircrafts used in the military take off? The elevator present on the horizontal stabilizer trim (HST) help in this. These elevators use actuators. Besides this, the landing gears of the aircraft also use actuators for smooth and safe landing purpose.

Where are the Military Actuators Used?

There is a vast list of applications, which use linear electric actuators to facilitate proper movement of the machines, and systems. These applications are as follows:

  • Gun Positioning
  • Wheeled Vehicles
  • Munitions Handling
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Armored Plate Positioning
  • Clutches Engagement
  • Remote Control Vehicles
  • Brake Control
  • Door Automation
  • Vibration Control of Armored Vehicles
  • Trailer Hitching

Actuators for military vehicles play a vital role in the military applications, and one just cannot afford these automation devices to fail in the hour of need. So, it is always a good idea to source the actuators from renowned, trusted, and experienced manufacturers, or suppliers. Venture Mfg. Co. is one such expert manufacturer of quality actuators for military industry, and many other industries, too.