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Custom DC Gear Motor


Since several successful years, venture has been serving its clients and customers with world-grade and performance-driven products in its areas of expertise. Gearbox is one of the categories of products we manufacture and supply to clients from all over the globe. Venture has not only taken the responsibility of providing varied series of gearboxes but has also gained expertise in offering custom gearbox design solutions.

Why Should You Avail Custom DC Gear Design Services?

Keeping in mind the varied significant industrial and commercial applications of gearboxes, it is imperative to make sure that the gearboxes come power-packed with high level of quality, efficiency, technical supremacy, durability and safety.

The increased level of applications and heightened scopes of technical features expect industrial gears to operate at faster and more efficient speed. At the same time, gearboxes nowadays are capable of carrying greater loads and pressures. These are made to meet the demands of higher operating efficiencies than their predecessors did. The present business environment doesn’t allow bearing a downtime, which is expensive, and hence, it is not considered wise to continue with a gearbox that suffers repeatedly and requires regular repair services.

Venture Mfg. Co. offers the most apt solutions for your industrial applications that are taken care of by gearboxes and motors. We incorporate innovation and new technology in providing custom redesign solutions for your gear drives and gearbox strokes.

Our customers and clients have always considered our custom gearbox redesign services as a smarter choice that reaps the benefits of the latest technological advancements in this field. When it comes to excellence in material, design and technology, Venture has always proved to be the best solution for all your gearbox redesign requirements.

We at venture Mfg. Co. have gained expertise in manufacturing drop-in replacements without indulging in the expensive process of production line reconfiguration.


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