Nook and Thomson Actuator Interchange
Nook and Thomson Actuator Interchange
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Nook and Thomson Actuator Interchange


Direct Interchanges for Discontinued NOOK and Thomson Linear Actuators

Many businesses utilize linear motion actuation products such as Thomson PPA and Nook “Compact Cylinder” linear actuators for critical applications. We understand that some of these linear actuator products may have recently been discontinued by their manufacturers. Venture Manufacturing, a US-based manufacturer of linear actuators, produces actuators under both our brand as well as industry-recognized private labels. With our private label actuator manufacturing expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and commitment to innovation, we have been able to successfully support clients impacted by this linear actuator product discontinuation.

Nook “Compact Cylinder” or Thomson PPA Interchanges

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our team can direct you to Nook “Compact Cylinder” or Thomson PPA interchanges.

nook compact cylinder actuator

Venture Mfg. Actuator Features and Specifications

Venture actuators combine an electric motor with a high efficiency ball screw or an ACME screw. They can be easily installed into any commercial or industrial application where linear actuation is required. The following actuator features make them widely used.

  • These actuators are designed and constructed to be durable and dependable.
  • The design and construction assures long-life operation and high repeatability.
  • Actuators are available to operate in either compression or tension loading applications.
  • Several feedback sensing options are available including adjustable limit switches, encoders, reed and hall effect switches, among others which allow for precise positioning control.
  • The actuator is designed with self-lubricating components, minimizing the need for regular maintenance, while also ensuring smooth and efficient operation throughout its lifetime.
  • A mechanical clutch is available to protect the actuator and its vital components from potential damage caused by excessive loads or external forces.
  • These actuators are designed with corrosion-resistant exteriors, making them suitable for use in harsh environments exposed to dust, chemicals and oils.
  • One of the notable features is the trunnion to clevis mounting, which offers a secure and sturdy connection between the actuator and other components.
  • Venture offers a wide variety of electric motor and gear ratio options.


Why Partner with Venture Manufacturing to Supply direct Replacement options for Nook “Compact Cylinder” and Thomson PPA?

Venture Manufacturing understands the challenges that businesses face when a critical component of their operation is discontinued. To support businesses impacted by this matter, our team has taken several measures to ensure a smooth transition and minimize any potential disruptions. A few of the steps we have implemented include:

  1. Direct Interchange: Venture Manufacturing’s actuator product line will directly interchange with those of many manufacturers including Nook Compact Cylinder, Thomson PPA actuators, and others. Our team of experts has carefully analyzed the specifications and functionalities of these products and has developed direct interchange solutions that are compatible with a wide range of applications. These solutions are designed to seamlessly replace the discontinued actuators, minimizing downtime and disruption to your business.
  2. Stock Availability and Rapid Fulfillment: We have increased our inventory levels to mitigate immediate disruptions. These discontinued products are available for quick deliveries. Our team is working with a common goal to serve customers whose businesses have been impacted by offering them high-quality direct replacement linear actuator options.
  3. Extensive Inventory and Streamlined Fulfilment Process: We have proactively increased our inventory to meet the anticipated increase in demand. Also, we have implemented a streamlined fulfillment process to expedite order processing and delivery. Our facilities are equipped with advanced inventory management systems, enabling real-time tracking of stock levels and efficient picking, packing, and shipping of orders.
  4. Technical Support: We understand that businesses may also require linear actuator technical support during this transition period. To address this, we have strengthened our customer support team to provide guidance and answer technical inquiries regarding application support and interchanges.
  5. Customization: Our team understands that not all businesses have the same requirements. Therefore, we offer a significant range of customization services to tailor to the specific needs of each business.
  6. Long-Term Partnership: Venture Manufacturing understands the importance of building long-term partnerships with our customers. Therefore, we are committed to ongoing support and collaboration throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will the discontinued linear actuators be available for purchase again?
    Answer: Yes, through Venture's comprehensive plan, the discontinued Nook Compact Cylinder and Thomson PPA will be available for purchase again. Customers of Nook and Thomson can continue relying on our products for their various applications.

  • Q: Are there any improvements or changes to expect in the newly manufactured linear actuators?
    Answer: As part of Venture's commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our customers, there may be certain improvements or changes in the newly manufactured linear actuators. These modifications could include enhanced features, upgraded materials, improved performance, among others.

  • Q: How can I place an order for replacement linear actuators?
    Answer: Placing an order for the discontinued Nook Compact Cylinder and Thomson PPA can be done through various channels. You can reach out to Venture's sales team via our website or contact our customer support team through the provided contact details. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the ordering process, answer any questions you may have, and assist you in selecting the most suitable linear actuator for your application.