Ball Screw DC Actuators
Ball Screw DC Actuators
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Ball Screw DC Actuators

Linear Actuators

Ball screw DC actuators are the strong, durable, precise linear actuators that are widely chosen to automate different processes and equipment across industries. The electric ball screw linear actuators are designed for sturdy and rough handling, and accommodating heavy loads in the toughest conditions. These actuators are designed as a single-axis unit with a ball screw and a slide guide.

At Venture Mfg. Co., you get a wide range of extremely efficient electric ball screw actuators for applications in the manufacturing , automotive, agriculture , defense, military sectors , among others. We, thus bring together the technology and experience required for automation to remove people from dangerous assembly or other industrial processes.

Heavy Duty Linear Actuators
850 Series Ball Screw Actuator
  • Ball screw actuator design
  • Efficiency in terms of position accuracy
Maxi Ball Screw Actuators
The Maxi Ball Screw Actuators
  • Customized as Per Needs
  • Standard & Reliable Products

This is a ball screw version of the “Maxi” for those with heavier dishes or for those who just prefer a Cadillac vs. a Chevy this unit will provide years of reliable service.

actuators specially design for solar tracking applications
Solar Tracking Actuators
  • Designed For Solar Industry
  • Reliable & Cost Effective

Slide Out Actuators from Venture
RV Slide Out Actuators
  • Various Stroke Sizes
  • Lifetime Lubrications
custom actuator design
Custom Design Actuators
  • End Mounting Option Available
  • Various Motor Types

Don’t see anything that fits your application ? Contact Us, many of our products can be modified to suit your needs. Or we can design something special just for your application.

Benefits of Ball Screw Electric Actuators

These compact and efficient means of converting rotary motion to linear motion units are chosen for applications such as vertical large camera focusing, semiconductor wafers positioning, backlash-free hardness testing, auto parts positioning for inspection, and so on.
The following are the beneficial features of Venture’s miniature ball screw actuators:

  • These actuators are designed for accurate positioning; thanks to their precise working of guide rail, slide block and ball screw.
  • Small ball screw dc actuators come with a low-profile design and compact shape and are designed to provide better repeatability.
  • They are manufactured to offer high precision and high rigidity, whilst providing consistent, and smooth operation.
  • They are constructed of the finest range of stainless steel and are designed for even heavy wash downs.
  • These electric ball screw linear actuators come with powerful motor with low power consumption.
  • These actuators are maintenance free due to their lifetime lubrication.
  • These small ball screw dc actuators are available in CE, as well as RoHS compliant versions.

Venture’s ball screw actuators come with a perfect balance of performance, life and cost. With the most versatile selection of linear actuators, we help you make the difficult, and tedious manual jobs easier. At Venture Mfg. Co. we are committed to making our customers more productive and more profitable by offering precision-engineered solutions in the required specifications. You can also get your customized actuators based on your application requirements by working with the experts at Venture.

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