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Superior Quality Linear Actuators by Venture Mfg Co for Valuable Satellite Applications

Satellites need to be quite nimble and quick for efficient maneuvering. The tracking capabilities of a satellite are dependent on its altitude control systems (ACS). The structural rigidity as well as ruggedness of modern-day satellites may pose certain difficulties in performing rapid movements. For such scenarios, linear and rotational actuators play important role in enhancing the overall operational value of satellites.

Various satellite-operated devices such as dish antennas, sensors, earth-imaging equipment, etc. work proficiently with the help of intricately designed and well-aligned linear actuators. Actuators provide high torque control capacity that makes swift movement of satellites effectively manageable

Venture Mfg Co, a highly trusted manufacturer of premium quality satellite actuators, presents a series of smartly designed actuators for satellites. Our team of expert engineers and designers has developed actuators that are capable of solving various challenges faced by the satellites.

Venture Mfg. Co. Actuators are Diversely Used in the Following Satellite-related Applications:

  • Our linear actuators help in facilitating agile movement of gimbals, fast-paced retargeting, and high-resolution imaging by the satellites.
  • Ball and screw version of the “Maxi” actuator provides durable and trustworthy services for heavy dish antennas.
  • Built-in sensor actuators are helpful in providing feedback for velocity and the position of satellites, eventually increasing their effectiveness.
  • Home satellites in the TVRO industry make use of our smartly designed ‘Maxi’ satellite for reliable signal tracking and receiving.
  • Venture’s maxi acme actuators are essentially used in miniature mesh dishes (commercial satellites) for providing sturdy and durable ready-to-install linear drive system.
  • Operational value of satellites is curbed occasionally because of the harmful jittering effects. Venture Mfg Co has incorporated ‘split flywheel design’ in the actuators in order to minimize the jittering effect and allow adept performance of the satellite.

At Venture Mfg Co, we aim to provide the best actuator solutions for various types of satellites. In case you cannot find perfect fit for a particular type, we have a team of experts who design customized actuators along with all the required accessories. Spacecraft and satellite industry can be truly benefitted from our high-end linear actuators.

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