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C-band Satellite Dish

Actuators Systems for C-band Satellite Dish Antennae

Actuators for C-band Satellite Dish

C-band satellite dish antennas are designed to receive signals from satellite, which are employed to drive television sets. They are positioned and aligned in such a way to receive signals without interruption for a better viewing experience. Moreover, C-band satellite dish must be moved from one position to other as per the satellite location, which transmits or relays a number of different signals. In the early days, the movement of the dish was accomplished manually, which was truly a complex operation. Thanks to the invention of actuators that brought a revolution in the manner satellite dishes are moved, positioned and aligned with the precise location of the satellite. Several actuator units are developed specifically for the C-band satellite dish, and we at Venture manufacturing bring to you many of them. Being a leading linear motion products manufacture, we offer high-quality and easy-to-install actuators that play an important role in enhancing the overall operational value of C-band satellite dish.

Types of Actuators Used By C-band Satellite Dishes

Your search for performance driven satellite actuators ends here at Venture Manufacturing as we keep the following popular types in a wide choice of stroke lengths and thrust powers.

  • Maxi Acme Screw Actuators: With the capability to withstand different hostile conditions, Maxi Acme Screw Actuators are ready to install linear drive systems available at the best cost. Available in both RoHS, as well as CE compliant versions, they feature high strength steel tube assembly, limit switches for single screw adjustment, super sensor II reed switch, among others.
  • Maxi Ball Screw Actuators: Featuring heavy wall steel construction and sealed chamber design, these actuators provide years of reliable service. Long life ball screw or high quality acme screw actuation, quick installation, and easy set-up, limit switches with single screw adjustment are few amongst the features contribute to their popularity for applications in C-band satellite dish.
  • Mini T Standard Duty Satellite Actuators: Ideally suited for positioning smaller light-weight dishes, these mini actuators are manufactured to fit in the most confined areas. They come in a wide range of standard and customizable stroke lengths in compliance with the international quality standards.

Reasons to Choose Actuators for C-band Satellite Dish

With a proven track record, years of industry experience, team of experienced professionals, and advanced production facility, we have been catering to the challenging demands of customers successfully. All the models of actuators listed for C-band satellite dish bring you the expected performance, thus bringing value to your investment in the following ways:

  • Anti-rust epoxy coated steel construction
  • Quiet Operation
  • Precise positioning and accuracy
  • Hermetically sealed in a clean atmosphere
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Excellent water proofing
  • Freeze protection with vents and water drains
  • 1000 lbs weight bearing capacity

Would you like to source the best-of-its-kind actuators for C-band satellite dish? Come to us with your specific requirements. We understand your applications to the fullest and will suggest the most suitable model that works best on your satellite dish. With the customization possibility at Venture, you can be assured of getting the right unit that seamlessly blends with your applications by all means!

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