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90v Linear Actuator


Being recognized as one of the reliable manufacturers of motion control products worldwide, Venture knows about its responsibility to provide high quality products that ensure optimum performance. Venture’s actuators offer superior performance in any challenging application.

Choose 90V Actuators at the Best Deals from Venture

Venture offers 90V linear actuators for several applications in semiconductor, Biotechnology and Medicine, Aerospace Engineering, Precision Machining, and Automotive industries. 90V linear actuators from Venture are built to the highest standards. You can be assured about their durability even with minimal or no maintenance. Also, since they are available with high grade corrosion resistant materials, you can choose them for applications in harshest operation conditions as well. They can be integrated easily and quickly in sophisticated control systems to provide precise position feedback and accurate control.

Specialized Features and Benefits

Experts at Venture have Designed 90V Linear Actuators with the Following Features:

  • Zinc plated inner and outer tubes
  • Die-cast Aluminum powerheads
  • Built-in limit switches
  • Compact
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • Trouble free service in harsh environments
  • Aluminum housings for corrosion protection
  • Adjustable internal limit switches

We are Sensitive to Satisfy Specific Customer Requirements and Expectations

Our capability in customization allows you to procure the perfect actuator for your applications. Whether your applications call for small, fast, quiet, strong, weather protected or light weight actuators, we can provide the best to meet your specific requirements. Our staff involved in communication with customers and continuous improvements on a daily basis; this helps us fulfill our customers’ wide range of requirements to the fullest.

To customize actuators according to your specifications, contact our customer care executives and share details pertaining to the desired requirements and features. Our experts act instantly with a comprehensive idea on customers’ requirements and build the most appropriate actuator unit to best suit your needs.

Consistent maintenance of quality in designing, engineering and inspecting has helped us gain the trust of huge numbers of customers from varied markets along with building a substantial competitive advantage.


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