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Mobile Equipment Industry

Mobile Equipment Industry

Adding Mobility to Mobile Equipment Industry

Mobile equipment manufacturers have realized the importance of creating sustainable solutions that will support machineries in different sectors like construction, agriculture, marine, etc.  Linear actuators provide advantages of energy efficiency and precise movements that make them a better option over pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.

Venture Mfg. Co. provides the right kind of energy efficient linear actuators for the mobile equipment industry. Our products can support mobile applications in terms of operation and maintenance.

Linear Actuator Offerings for the Mobile Equipment Industry

Our actuators are designed to provide more flexibility in machine design, operation safety, and productivity. Our Acme and ballscrew actuators can be used as good replacements for hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. They do not require accessories like filters, pumps, compressors to provide efficiency, in terms of environmental impact and total lifecycle.

We provide the following types of actuators to meet the needs of your mobile equipment applications:

Applications of Linear Actuators in the Mobile Equipment Industry

The following are examples of how linear actuators can be used to support mobile equipment in different industries:

  • Linear actuators are widely used in golf course turf care equipment. They are used to support linear motions of systems like deck lifts, steering actuators, and lifting and positioning of reel mowers.
  • Agricultural implements benefit greatly from linear actuators. They provide precise motion control solutions for applications such as sieve levelling, tilting of implement headers, and positioning of seeding and chemical dispensers.
  • In construction applications, linear actuators provide extensive control and positioning solutions. They are mainly used for controlling gate feeders, and enabling smooth movement of construction conveyors.
  • Railways utilize linear actuators for applications like car levelling, and remote positioning of location switches and derailers.

Venture Mfg. Co. provides high performance and rugged linear actuators for the mobile equipment industry. Our compact designs and high power densities make them the best option for mobile equipment application requirements.

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