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Railway Equipment

Actuators for Railway Equipment

Linear Actuators for Railway Equipment

Linear actuators have made their presence felt in almost every industry and application that involves moving parts, assembly, or components. These devices are used to facilitate smooth movement in a straight line. The railway industry is not an exception to this. The industry has seen a lot of advancements over the years, and it has led to the use of actuators for delivering smooth movement of different components of a railway equipment. You may find many manufacturers and suppliers of actuators in the US, however, if you want to go with the best, consider Venture Mfg. Co. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality actuators for the railway industry.

Significance of Linear Actuators in Railway Industry

In the railway industry, two most important things are the safety of the passenger and efficiency of the transport. Be it any train car or a tram, each part has to be designed with utmost precision and be able to deliver a reliable performance. In addition to this, it is important to take into account factors such as on-going vibrations, harsh environments, and daily wear and tear. Actuators are therefore used to facilitate easy movement of the parts by taking care of the aforementioned impacting factors.
Components such as telescopic guides and linear rails form the important parts of a train. However, not to forget, actuators are also important for proper operations of different functions of a train.

Why Choose Venture Mfg. Linear Actuators for Railway Equipment?

We, at Venture Mfg. Co., believe in delivering the best quality products to our clients, and have been doing it consistently for several years together. This has helped us build a huge base of happy and satisfied clients in the US. The reason for choosing us as your actuator manufacturer are as follows:

  • Top-notch Fabrication Methods/ Techniques
  • Team of Expert Designers and Engineers
  • Well-equipped Manufacturing Facilities
  • Knowledgeable Personnel with Out-of-the-box Thinking Capacity

Use of Actuators in Railway Equipment

Not one, but there are several railway applications that are driven by linear actuators. Some most common railway equipment, which make use of actuators are as listed below:

  • Passenger Seat Adjustment
  • Tilting Train Control
  • Sanding Control Systems
  • Brake Control
  • Door Step Control
  • Horn Operation
  • Vacuum Toilet and Water Control Systems
  • Coupling Systems
  • Shoe Gear Control Systems
  • Internal and External Door Actuation and Control
  • Heating and Ventilating Control
  • Engine Retarder Control
  • Pantograph Operation

Providing high-quality linear and electric linear actuators has been our priority. Our capability to manufacture actuators in varying capabilities have made us one of the most preferred manufacturers in the US. Besides this, you can also get your custom designed actuators depending on your railway equipment requirements.

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