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Commercial & Golf Course Turf Care Equipment

Actuators for Golf Course Turf Care Equipment

The linear actuator equipped mobile equipment are fast replacing the hydraulic motor-driven equipment in many industries. These equipment are valued for the tremendous control, as well as precision that they offer to a user. The commercial & golf course turf care equipment is one such mobile equipment, which utilizes various types of linear actuators for its operation. Venture Mfg. is one of the leading providers of linear actuators for mobile equipment, and we have been designing them for commercial & golf course turf care equipment for a long time.

Beneficial Features of Venture Mfg.’s Linear Actuators for Commercial & Golf Course Turf Care Equipment

Our electric linear actuators have gained immense popularity over the years due to several beneficial features that they offer. These actuators are also employed in the golf course turf care equipment due to the following benefits that they offer:

  • Precision Guaranteed: Precision and accuracy are the key requirements of lawn care equipment used in the golf course. It is widely seen that different types of grasses are grown on the golf course, and they require different care. The cutters of the equipment need to be adjusted appropriately to get the desired results. We provide actuator solutions that help adjust the cutters efficiently.
  • Ergonomically Improved Landscapers working at the golf course spend a lot of time behind the steering wheel. Thus, there has been a growing concern on improving the ergonomics of the vehicle, as well as satisfy global demand for energy-efficient solutions. This is why we provide ergonomically designed actuator solutions that allow landscapers to adjust their wheels and seats as per their convenience.
  • Available in Various Specifications: We provide a wide range of ACME screw and ball screw actuators for use in commercial and golf course turf care equipment. Some popular ACME screw actuators for commercial & golf course turf care equipment include the following:

    In addition to the above-mentioned, the following are a few ball screw actuators that are used in various mobile equipment, including golf and turf care equipment.

  • Energy Efficient and Environment-friendly Solutions: Our electric linear actuators are 100% environment-friendly because they emit no CO2 during the use. There is also no oil leakage. These actuators are equipped with a motor, which helps lower power consumption during the operation. As there is a fewer number of moving parts in these actuators, so there is minimal wear and tear.
  • Durable Construction: The actuators are constructed from the highest quality stainless steel, which helps them withstand the bad weather, as well as heavy wash downs.
  • Maintenance Free: These actuators are equipped with metallic, or polymer nuts, and are self-lubricating. This helps reduce maintenance because the actuators demand no regular lubrication.

The linear actuators for mobile equipment can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Backed by a vast industry knowledge and appreciable engineering expertise, our engineers work closely with clients to understand their requirements. Do you have any specific requirement for customized ACME screw actuators for golf course turf care equipment or ball screw actuators used in golf course turf care equipment? We can help you.

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