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Actuator Systems for Boats and Ships

Actuators for Boats and Ships

Unlike in the past, people look for automated adjustments/functionalities everywhere to make their lives easy and trouble-free. This is no different when it comes to marine vessels like boats and ships. Travelers prefer vessels with automated functionalities so that they can have a comfortable journey every time when they get on the sea. To meet this requirement, marine vessel manufacturers go for automation such as beds to be hidden, doors, hoods and windows to be opened/closed with a press of a button, and elevating platforms to control valves, among several others. Thanks to the linear actuators, which are the critical components of all these automated equipment and systems.

We, at Venture Manufacturing. Co., support the ship building industry to bring more automation and remote control by offering a wide array of actuators. Our range of motion control products is well suited for varied automation purposes in both boats and ships.

Beneficial Features of Linear Actuators for Boats and Ships

We offer M-9600 series gearbox, VMD series actuators, Maxi ball screw actuators, 800 series acme screw actuators, which are used to automate the exteriors and interiors of marine vessels. All the models available in this category are known for several beneficial features as follow :

  • Durability and Long Life Cycle: Venture’s actuators are built to provide immense protection from corrosion. They are the great options for the marine environment due to their robust construction using the highest quality stainless steel.
  • Compact: Our range of linear actuators make a great fit in confined spaces. Due to their sleek design, they can be incorporated to make the ship-related equipment automation easy.
  • Environment-friendly Solutions: Our sense of sustainability is evident in the environment-friendly design of linear actuators. They are extremely safe to use for long periods of time. A fewer number of moving parts and no oil leakage also adds to their popularity for applications in the demanding marine environments.

The other beneficial features of the actuators designed for the marine industry applications include:

  • These are rugged enough to withstand wind and water splashes
  • Venture’s actuators are IP65 and IP66 grade (water and moisture resistant)
  • These actuators assure quiet operation.
  • Actuators for boats and ships are designed for seamless integration with other control systems.

Applications of Venture’s Linear Actuators in Boats and Ships

Our range of electric actuation systems is designed to guarantee high precision and speed in various demanding applications. The following are a few application examples of actuators when it comes to the automation of boats and ships.

  • Engine controls
  • Navigation and steering
  • Hatches and skylights
  • Elevating platforms
  • Ladders, masts, braces
  • TV lifts
  • Engine hatches, radar arches, and bathing platforms
  • Monitor displays

Designed for tough and high load applications, our range of marine-grade actuators are stringently tested and certified to withstand harsh conditions. These actuators provide years of optimum performance to make an easy and trouble-free voyage on the sea. With the incorporation of high strength, and quality components, Venture Manufacturing is the best in the business meeting the needs of customers from the transportation industry to the fullest.

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