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Road Construction and Maintenance

Actuators System for Road Construction and Maintenance

Actuators for Road Construction and Maintenance Equipment

The importance of automated road construction and maintenance equipment has grown rapidly in order to enhance productivity, improve safety, and reduce labor cost. A wide range of construction machines are now been used for road building in order to remove labors from dangerous work conditions. Road construction is thus undergoing a new evolution with modern equipment/vehicles/machines that are capable of constructing new roads, or renovating the existing ones quickly. How is the automation possible in these machines and construction vehicles? How do they perform various operations like tilting, pulling, rotating, pulling with a press of a button? Wondering how? It is simply the act of electric linear actuators that make this automation possible. They are an integral component of heavy-duty construction machinery, which are put to operation in a huge range of mobile off-highway scenarios.
At Venture Manufacturing, we have realized the rising demand for electric linear actuators in construction machinery, and thus is offering varied models that are easy to mount and operate. Our actuators solutions for the road construction and maintenance are the most cost efficient and performance driven compared to the others in the market.

Types of Actuators used in Road Construction & Maintenance

Durability and reliability are the main criteria for actuators used in road construction & maintenance equipment/vehicles. All the models we offer under the electric linear actuator category are proven to surpass hydraulic ones when used in heavy duty industry applications. Following are the most popular models of actuators we at Venture MFG provide for construction machinery.

Reasons to Choose Venture’s Actuators for Road Construction & Maintenance

We offer industry-leading ranges of linear actuators that work reliably anywhere you want to lift, lower, push, pull, rotate or position a load. They are easy to integrate with sophisticated control systems. What makes our actuator systems widely chosen for construction machinery? The reasons are as follow:

  • With perfect coordination of speed, strength and installation dimensions, they are the cost-efficient and reliable alternative to conventional hydraulic and pneumatic motion systems.
  • These compact and quiet actuators are well suited for confined areas.
  • Electric linear actuators in construction machinery are made with strong, high-quality components to withstand the demands of extreme applications.
  • With exceptional load-bearing capacity, they are available in a wide range of sizes, mounting styles, drive mechanisms, length and speed ratios.
  • With all adjustments and lubrication made at the factory, you can be assured with a maintenance-free operation for a long period.
  • With the Venture series of electric linear actuators, you can rest assured with increased productivity at every stage of the construction activity.
  • Actuators used in road construction & maintenance are easier to control and integrate to automate a large number of tasks.

Application Examples

Over the years, our engineers have been working to design actuators to make manual jobs easier, whilst also reducing operator fatigue. Our range of electric linear actuators are largely being incorporated while manufacturing:

  • Asphalt handling equipment
  • Excavators
  • Loading trucks
  • Towing trucks
  • Cranes

With a seamless blending of electric linear actuators in machinery/vehicles, road construction, maintenance, recreation have become hassle-free than ever before. If you are a road construction & maintenance equipment manufacturer looking for the best of its kind actuators to incorporate in your products, then let us know your requirement. We, being a leading name in the industry, bring you efficacious solutions that work best in your systems.

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