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Home Care Beds

Actuators for Home Care Beds

Durable and User-friendly Electric Actuators for Home Care Beds

Age and lifestyle diseases are making people sick and bedridden. The shortage of skilled professionals is driving healthcare providers to focus on advanced homecare equipment. These equipment are designed to help the elderly and bedridden people to be self-independent. A homecare bed with an actuator is an ideal equipment to start with. Homecare beds fitted with actuators allow a bed ridden, or elderly person to adjust the bed to their comfort. Venture Mfg. Co. offers linear and electric linear actuators that offer endless possibilities to improve home care beds.

Venture Mfg.’s Actuator Solutions for Home Care Beds

Apart from the regular raising and lowering beds for comfortable sleeping and sitting, Venture Mfg.’s electric actuators allow home care bed manufacturers to experiment with new ideas. They can incorporate emergency alarm functions in a bed, USB-connections, and light controls, which can be easily connected to these actuators. These features will improve benefits of home care beds.

Advantages of Home Care Bed Actuators from Venture Mfg.

Following are the few advantages of using Venture Mfg.’s electrical actuators:

  • Easy Integration: Our electric actuators can be easily integrated with complex action components and controls.
  • Specifically Designed to Enhance a User’s Comfort: With their noise-free movement, lock points, and highly-controllable motion, our electric actuators can be an asset to home care beds, or any hospital applications.
  • Simplifies Enclosure Designs: Today, there is a strong emphasis on reducing infections and using easy to clean guards and enclosures in home care and hospital beds. Our electric and linear electrical actuators have helped hospital application manufacturers to simplify enclosures designs for easy maintenance.
  • Adaptable: Our electric actuators can be combined with a wide range of hospital application devices. Available with a broad range of mounting options, these actuators are energy efficient too. These actuators can be easily repaired, or exchanged, thereby reducing constraints on medical, maintenance, and bioengineering professionals.
  • Easy Installation: Our actuators are lightweight, compact-sized, and feature easy to install designs.

Do you want actuators for your home care beds? Venture Mfg. Co. can design and deliver them to you at reasonable prices. Quick turnaround times and quality assurance make us different from other actuator manufacturers.

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