Tips to Follow When Designing a Linear Actuator Prototype

When placing an order of custom linear actuators, it is important to create a prototype first in order to fully understand its capabilities. The following points should be taken into consideration when designing a linear actuator prototype:

  • The prototype should also help you ascertain its efficiency and compatibility when in use. This can be done by testing the prototype a number of times. The tests will ensure its compatibility with different products and machines.

  • Before placing an order, you need to ensure that the prototype is being created with attention given to the size of the actuator and the type of external power source it will utilize.

  • With reference to the external power source, you can choose from electric, gear, DC, or stepper motor. Due importance should also be given to the application.

Customized Solutions at Venture Mfg. Co.

Venture Mfg. co. utilizes best practices to manufacture standard and custom orders. Below mentioned are our capabilities when producing linear actuator prototypes linear actuators design:

  • Our team consists of experienced and proficient designers and engineers, who work closely with clients to thoroughly understand their needs, provide expert guidance and finally, deliver a product that is a cut above the rest.

  • Utilization of software like AutoCAD allows us to create a flawless prototype. This software also allows us to easily make changes and customize the product.

  • In the final assembly and production, we employ components of the highest quality.

  • All machines manufactured by us undergo a stringent quality test to ensure that the products perform optimally.

After careful testing of the prototype, changes can be made to the design if required. Most companies have a flexible approach, and work with the clients to ensure maximum satisfaction. The right prototype linear actuator will offer ease of integration, and will be cost-efficient.