How You can Benefit from Venture Mfg. Services

Venture Mfg. Co. is well-known among clients for meeting different requirements in terms of actuator manufacturing. From mechanical and electromechanical actuators, to custom products, we have the capability to produce linear actuators for various industrial applications.

Within the entire actuator design and manufacturing process, we provide different services to ensure that particular product demands are met. These services have been designed keeping the customer’s needs in mind. This post elaborates on the same.

Details of Services Provide by Venture Mfg. Co.

Venture offers the following five services to customers:

  • CAD/CAM Design: CAD/CAM technology is designed to help streamline the product design and manufacturing process. CAD/CAM provides many advantages to designers and engineers. They reduce fatal errors, lead time, hasten the design process, make the machining operations more cost-effective, and enable faster delivery.

  • Prototype Creation: Prototyping helps us to understand customer expectations. It can also help provide estimations of costs, raw materials, etc. Missing parts and defects can be quickly identified and rectified. This can lead to faster execution of fabrication processes as well as product delivery.

  • Product Engineering: This service is connected to prototype creation. We capitalize on CAD technology to ensure that the design of the actuator is flawless. The design is then converted into a prototype. We ensure that the product meets all specifications in terms of:

    • Speed
    • Stroke
    • Voltage
    • Force

Once the design is approved by the client, we then decide on the other aspects. These include materials, production cost, manufacturing time, and estimated delivery.

  • Actuator Manufacturing: We ensure that the actuator will provide solutions in terms of functionality, features, and operational performance. We utilize only industrial grade raw materials. Our equipment inventory consists of the latest in design software, manufacturing equipment, and testing machinery.

  • Warranty Services: Our products are covered with a 12 month warranty, which is effective from the date of purchase. This warranty service guarantees that our products are free from any fault or malfunction when used in a defined application. If the actuator fails, or is damaged within the warranty period, we provide the necessary repairs or part replacement at no extra charge.

Each service provided by Venture Mfg. Co. is designed to provide specific benefits to customers. Our services help you receive actuators with all-inclusive designs, and custom features. Thus, we provide an all-round service experience to our customers.