Venture Mfg. Co. – Leader in Linear Motion Technology Since 1971

Venture Mfg. Co. has been the leader in motion technology since 1971. Their ability to push the boundaries in the field of motion technology has allowed them to create precise functioning products with long-lasting results.

Venture Mfg. Co. Linear Actuator Design

With manufacturing facilities spread across 50,000 sq. ft. Combined with a team dedicated towards providing innovative solutions in the field of linear motion, has produced astonishing results. Their products are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Every actuator developed at the Venture facility features cutting-edge design. The quality of the material used is exceptional, thus increasing the durability of the product.

Linear Actuator Products

They provide exceptional linear actuator products at competitive prices. Their products are widely used across several industries due to their reliable functioning and precise results. The products offered by them are as follows:

  1. Electric Linear Actuator
  2. Commercial Actuator
  3. RV Slide-Out Actuators
  4. DC Actuators
  5. Stepper Motor Actuator
  6. Military Actuator
  7. Satellite Actuator
  8. Solar Tracking Actuator
  9. OEM for Linear Actuators

They also provide support components like:

  1. Manufactured Housing
  2. RV Jacks, RV Landing Gear and Accessories
  3. Custom Cable and Harnesses
  4. Gearboxes and Motor Gearboxes
  5. Stampings, Tube Processing, Welding, Assembly, and Light Manufacturing

Leader in Linear Actuator Technology


Custom Linear Actuator Capabilities

Venture Mfg. Co. provides a variety of custom solutions. Addressing the need of the hour, they provide application specific solutions. The design and manufacturing technologies and methods used are developed in-house to provide seamless product development. Here, one is able to take advantage of the 40+ long years of experience of the company and the technologically advanced processes and equipment. Venture is able to offer its clients exceptional solutions in the form of products and services.

The above-mentioned products and services are used across several industries and applications. The linear actuators produced by Venture Mfg. Co. provide perfect high-precision movements every single time. The solutions are designed to improve lives.