Industrial Applications of Linear Actuators

An actuator can be defined as a mechanical device that transforms energy consumed from sources like electricity, hydraulic fluid, pneumatic pressure, air and water, into motion. Hence, actuators are considered to be of immense importance when it comes to applying force for a specific industrial application.

In a similar way, actuators are machines meant to create rotary motion, oscillatory motion and linear motion created in a straight direction. As the name suggests, linear actuators creates motion in a linear motion instead of rotational movements.

As a significant type of electric motor, linear actuators are known for their multiple applications in industrial and manufacturing processes, some of which are listed below:

  • Actuators for Satellite industry

    Satellite Actuators For Better Performance of Satellite Industry

    Linear Actuators for Satellites: Linear actuators are being widely used by satellite signal transmission centers since a long time.The sector has always considered linear actuators as convenient, reliable, and efficient machines due to certain beneficial features attached to these actuators, such as in-built limit switches and fitted sensors for better reception of quality satellite beams. Some linear actuators also come with uniquely made vents and water-drains that protect the machine in sub-zero temperature.

  • Linear Actuators for Automobiles:Linear actuators can perform several tasks smoothly and effortlessly when clubbed with the gearbox of DC gear motor of a vehicle. To start with, it smoothens out the manual actuation system. In the context of recreational vehicles, linear actuators are often used for applications like sliding sunroofs, drop down panels for TV screens in RVs and automobiles, opening multiple windows, etc.
  • Manufatured Housing

    Coupler & Jack System for Manufactured Housing Industry

    Linear Actuators for Manufactured Housings: Linear actuators equipped with a coupler and jack system are used in manufactured housing sector. Coming as 5—60 degree units, the frame height of linear actuators can be adjusted to suit and to be used for different construction applications. These actuators are uniquely designed for applications in hazardous areas as these are employed for operations like setting up of ventilation system, livestock rearing centers, and greenhouses. Apart from that, linear actuators are also widely used for several domestic applications and agricultural purposes.

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