Things to Know About 12v Linear Actuators

The numerous kinds of industrial applications require an equally wide range of technical and industrial equipment to meet the operational targets. A linear actuator is a kind of equipment that generates motion within a straight line, unlike an electric motor that produces circular motion. Here in this blog we would talk about 12v linear actuators and their typical application areas. After all, knowing more about linear actuators and their kinds would definitely help customers to make the best decision when it comes to buying or choosing the right device for the right application.

What is a 12v Linear Actuators?

The 12v linear actuators are called so because these devices are designed to operate with a 12-volt DC power supply. Although at some points AC current supply is also used. These types of linear actuators are used when precise movement is required within a limited space and with lighter payloads. The best part of industrial 12v linear actuator is its capacity to provide robust results even while working on battery power. In order to meet varied industrial applications, several variations have been created on the basic design of 12v linear actuators. However, the major intention of using this linear actuator lies in providing maximum improvements in speed, load capacity and in offering higher mechanical efficiency. In fact, the concept of actuator miniaturization is attracting quite an attention from a wide group of engineers.

12v Linear Actuators

How Does a 12v Linear Actuator Works?

The key to this linear actuator lies within the small DC gear motorĀ that utilizes a screw-drive with gears that comes with the ability to offer considerable loads by unleashing electro mechanical motion. These ideally small-sized actuators running on 12 DV volts are powerful, easy-to-install and quite convenient to us. Each unit consists of 2 wires (one positive and another negative), mounting holes at each end and internal limit switches. The stroke sizes of 12v linear actuators vary from 1 inch to 24 inch and the force can be of 15 lbs, 50 lbs and 150 lbs. Most manufacturers design these linear actuators with customized specifications, dimensions, current and speed, in order to meet specific customer requirements.

What are the Applications of 12v Linear Actuators?
12v linear actuators are ideally used for the following areas of application

  • Automotive parts
  • Kitchenware
  • Marine and Aviation industry
  • Doors and knobs
  • Drawers and hand-driven devices
  • Computer peripherals
  • Valves and dampers
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders

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