Linear Actuators for Motion Control Solutions in Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles have become among a popular choice for travelling across the country. It can provide the safety and comfort of a home while being on the road. The continual growth of the RV industry has led to the rise of the use of linear actuators in many RV applications. Let us take a look at these in detail.

Operation of an Electric Linear Actuator

Electric linear actuators can provide a variety of solutions to make travelling and staying in the RV a delightful and memorable experience. Generally electric actuators are programmable to create linear motion. When the actuator is turned on via an electric system, a motor converts electrical energy into mechanical torque. This in turn creates linear motion, causing the device to move in the required direction. Available in variety of sizes and shapes, they can be used with almost all equipment in an RV, which require motion control.

General Benefits of Electric Linear Actuators

There are a variety of benefits that make electric linear actuators the perfect choice for RV motion control applications:

  • The user is able to control all the aspects related to movement. These include speed, positioning, torque, and acceleration.
  • Electric actuators provide general benefits of precision, quality motion, fluid operation, and repeatability.
  • Compared to hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, electric linear actuators provide a longer service life.
  • These electric linear actuators are designed to meet food and marine grade requirements. Hence, for RVs, owners will never suffer problems related to corrosion or contamination.
  • The actuators are capable of providing efficient performance in applications that involve high stress and pressure.

RV Applications Involving Electric Linear Actuators

Given below are different examples of how electric linear actuators can be used to provide efficient motion control solutions to RV applications:

  • RV recliners are among the most sought after furniture in an RV. Electric actuators are used to adjust the position of the recliners in terms of length and height.

  • As space is a restriction in an RV, many appliances need to be placed within furniture like cabinets. For example, Venture electric actuators can be installed within lift cabinets, to create linear motion that will raise the TV for viewing. This means that the owner does not need to find an exclusive space to install and store the TV as it is stored within a cabinet. Also, he will not need to purchase specialized furniture for the TV.

  • Space is also a concern when it comes to bedding. Adjustable beds can benefit immensely from electric linear actuators. They can be used to not only position the bed in the manner required, they can also be used to ensure that the bed is properly stored within its containment area.

  • Many RVs are designed with the option of accessible and retractable rear panels. These panels allow owners to load and store vehicles like motor bikes, or sporting gear. Linear actuators can be installed with the rear door panel to allow for quick and seamless opening and closing movements. This allows for the easy loading, storing, and unloading of gear.

Linear Actuators for Recreational Vehicle

Electric linear actuators can provide benefits in terms of precise smooth movements, and adequate positioning for a variety of applications within recreational vehicles. Owning an RV will prove to be a wonderful experience and a cost-effective purchase.