Features and Benefits of the G2M Microprocessor and Pre-Wire

In November 2014, Venture Mfg. Co. was awarded the role of authorized distributor for Byan Systems Inc. products. Today, Venture provides a complete line of gate operator products, as well as ancillary pre-wire products and industrial microprocessors. In this blog, we shall be discussing the G2M industrial microprocessor and pre-wire product.

Industrial Grade G2M Microprocessor and Pre-Wire

The G2M microprocessor is an electronic control unit that is designed to support gate operators with single phase motors. The unit is constructed using high grade industrial and commercial components, providing benefits in terms of performance and durability.

Features of G2M Microprocessor

The main component driving the microprocessor is the control board. Three potentiometers are connected to the board in order to facilitate movement and timing – opening time, closing time, and automatic closing time. The third option creates a delay between the time that the gate is completely open and when it starts to close.

The other beneficial features of the unit include:

  • Leaf Delay
  • Dual Voltage
  • Flexible Working Temperature
  • Adjustable Run Times
  • Automatic Closing Timer
  • Industrial Rate Components

G2M Industrial Microprocessors and Pre-Wire

 Microprocessor Benefits

The above mentioned features can provide a number of benefits to the user and the application:

  • The leaf delay is an option that can be easily installed with the help of a plug-in card and adjustable potentiometer.
  • The dual voltage means that customers can choose the microprocessor in either 115vac or 220vac.
  • The microprocessor is capable of providing great performance even in extreme temperatures ranging between -40°F and 185°F.
  • The microprocessor is capable of providing adjustable run times due to the use of three potentiometers. The unit sets the timing for the gate to open and close automatically.
  • The automatic closing timer ensures that gate can be closed at a specific time without the need for human intervention.
  • Industrial grade components make the unit easy to repair and maintain. This also allows for easy replacement of parts.

 The design construction, and function of the G2M microprocessor adhere to ETL regulations. The product is offered to customers with a 5 year warranty. Thus, the microprocessor can provide complete security and protection to residential and industrial complexes.