Effortless RV Setup with Electric Fifth Wheel Landing Gear

RV & 5th Wheel Landing Gear

Setting up your RV efficiently and safely can be challenging. Manual lifts can be hard on your body and time consuming. You also risk costly damage to the RV’s frame if done incorrectly.

Fifth wheel electric landing gears allow you to lift and level your RV effortlessly. Here are a few more benefits of electric RV landing gears instead of manual assemblies.

  • Motorized Operation: RV landing gear provides easy lifting and leveling of the RV with the push of a button, which allows RV owners to effortlessly elevate and stabilize their vehicle. This makes the setup and tear down extremely easy without the need for manual cranking or hydraulic systems. Additionally, fifth wheel electric landing gear also improves stability and safety as the motorized operation guarantees that the RV remains secure and level on uneven terrain. This eliminates the risk of the RV tipping or shifting during use, providing peace of mind to the owners.
  • Remote Control: RV owners enjoy the convenience of controlling the landing gear from a distance using a remote control. The hands-free operation allows one person to simply press a button and watch as the landing gear extends or retracts. This saves time setting up and packing the RV. It also reduces the risk of injuries or strains that can accidentally happen from manually operating these heavy components.
  • Wear and Tear: The controlled movement provided by motors significantly reduces the stress and strain that manual cranking can pose on the landing gear. This protects the lifespan of these components, reducing the need for frequent costly repairs or replacements.

Venture offers several options in RV and 5th wheel landing gear including…

  • Standard Mount (STD) – leg mounted inside the frame
  • Outside Mount (OM) – leg mounted outside the frame
  • Extended (X) – 4” increased leg length
  • Heavy Duty (H) – heavy duty drop leg
  • Universal Mount (U) – leg mounts either side of frame

Various model options can be combined to create different features. For example, one could use an outside mount with a heavy duty and extended landing gear. Contact us today to discuss your particular application.