Leader in Linear Motion Technology Since 1971
850 Series Ball Screw Actuator
Heavy Duty Linear Actuators

Make & Model :
Size: 4 in - 52 in

800 Series Acme Screw Actuators
800 Acme Screw Actuators

Make & Model :
Size: 4 in - 52 in

VI Series Actuator in Acme or Ball Screw
VI series actuator in ball screw or acme

Make & Model :
Size: 5 LBS

Slide Out Actuators
Slide Out Actuators from Venture

Venture Mfg Co - The Most Trusted Linear Actuators Source


Venture’s linear actuators are robust in form and dependable in function.

Venture Mfg Co. has earned a reputation as a leader in linear actuator manufacturing. In a competitive marketplace, your products need reliable actuation technology to keep you consistently ahead of the rest.


Our high-quality actuators offer a long service life, with little or no maintenance required. Designed for seamless integration into your control systems, a Venture actuator provides unmatched control and precise position feedback. Our team boasts a high degree of expertise in designing and manufacture linear actuators suited for commercial, industrial, and military use.


Bringing You a Comprehensive Actuator Solution


Venture Mfg. Co. consistently meets or exceeds standard and custom parameters for linear actuators including Commercial Actuators, RV Slide-Out Actuators, Satellite Actuators, Solar Tracking Actuators, Stepper-Motor Actuators, and much more.


Our military actuators are often the key in mission-critical motion control and transmission applications.


Accessories, Control Devices and Design Support


Venture Mfg Co. provides a range of compatible linear actuator accessories and control devices geared towards specific needs of our customers. Venture Mfg. Co. provides full CAD and engineering design capabilities with access to the latest software and design tools. From prototype through the final manufacturing phase, we use state-of-the-art tools and equipment.


Whether you involve us at the beginning of your project, or at a later stage, Venture Mfg. Co is well known as linear actuator manufacturers in USA.


Serving Diverse Industrial Needs


Since the inception of Venture Mfg. Co. in 1971, we have honored the most complicated requirements across industries such as:

Our standard products are designed to seamlessly integrate with your systems, and we can design custom linear actuators and other products meet your highly unique specifications.




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Venture Manufacturing has been a key partner for Lippert Components since 1998. Part of being a successful manufacturing firm is having trusted, reliable suppliers; those relationships are key.
Venture's consistent and stable management team as well as their dedication to quality products has helped us grow, and to that we're very appreciative.
Jason Lippert
CEO Drew industries / Lippert Components, Inc.