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Applications of Venture’s Linear Actuators in Solar Tracking Systems

With depleting conventional fuel resources and increasing global warming, the world is warming towards rather unconventional energy options such as the solar power. Various solar tracking devices are being used for the generation of sustainable energy. Such solar trackers are highly dependent on linear actuators for achieving desired movements.

Venture Mfg Co. has established itself as a credible and trustworthy manufacturer of linear actuators, which are used for various applications across different industries. The solar tracking and renewable energy sectors get benefitted from Venture’s state-of-the-art electric linear actuators

The rugged nature, tough built, and budget-friendly prices of our linear actuators make them ideal for increasing the operational value of various solar trackers.

Some of the Most Distinctive Industrial Applications of Venture Mfg. Co. Actuators are:

  • Electric linear actuators are integrated in solar power concentration equipment, photovoltaic device, and photovoltaic concentration equipment to enhance their capacity and productivity.
  • Venture’s linear actuators on solar panels play an important role in solar energy generation. They help in maintaining an optimal angle by moving the solar panel in correspondence to the movement of sun, which results in efficient solar tracking
  • Solar linear actuators are perfectly suitable for increasing the performance capacity of photovoltaic panels, solar power plants, solar heaters, etc.
  • Actuators help in minimizing the axial clearance to avoid even slightest deviation in solar tracking systems. This helps in preventing any loss in energy efficiency
  • Our electric linear actuators align perfectly with the solar trackers and provide maximum efficiency even in unfavorable environmental conditions such as dirt, rains, storm, etc.
  • Solar tracking systems such as CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) and CSV(Concentrating Photovoltaic) utilize linear actuators that have bearings of slewing gear and axe and help in improving energy efficiency of the device

Linear actuators by Venture Mfg Co are also used in light manufacturing units, renewable energy grids, and other non-conventional power generation plants. With our high-end Acme Screw Solar actuator and Ball Screw Solar actuator, you can be assured of the best solar tracking performance.

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