800 Series Acme Screw Actuators
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800 Series Acme Screw Actuators


Venture Mfg Co’s 800 series acme screw actuators are ideal for automation of high load processes. Our actuators feature up to 7000 lbs static and 1500 lbs dynamic load rating in compression and tension. The straight lie load transfer capability adds to the operational value of equipment.

Our wear resistant linear actuator consists of an ideal combination of Acme screw and a DC motor gearbox that provides an efficient linear drive system, which is ready to be installed.

Where can You Use Venture’s Versatile Acme Screw industrial Actuators?

Our versatile actuators with Acme screw can be used in following applications

Specialized Features and Benefits

Features of 800 Series Acme Screw Actuators:

Venture’s acme screw actuators are developed by our highly esteemed team of engineers and designers. These actuators have mounting options for different orientations. They can be used outdoors in harsh and demanding environment and unfriendly weather condition. We make these actuators available in both RoHS as well as CE compliant versions.

Features like manual crank, clutch, everlasting lubrication, limit switches, and Reed Switch, Potentiometer and Hall Effect feedback make our linear Acme screw actuators ideal for a wide variety of applications.

You can get standard strokes of 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”, and 52” inches. However, if your requirement does not comply with these strokes, we can readily make custom strokes available for you. With our durable and sturdy actuators, you can perform the automation of different equipment with ease.

Custom Strokes Available Upon Request 


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