VIA5 Acme Series Linear Actuators
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VIA5 Acme Series Linear Actuators


VIA5 Acme Screw Actuator for High Load Applications

As part of our growing product line, Venture Mfg. Co. has recently begun providing VIA5 linear actuators. We provide these actuators in two screw types – Acme and Ball Screw actuators.

VIA5 Acme Screw Actuator

This actuator type is designed is similar to our 800 series actuators. They are specifically designed to provide solutions for high load processes. The actuator’s construction consists of an aluminum housing, and is operated with the help of powder metallurgy gears. A steel extension tube is used for the actuation process. The design includes a special clutch in case of overloading problems. The actuator is self-locking, which increases its safety.

Specialized Features and Benefits

The general specifications of the Acme screw actuator include:

  • Operational Temperature Range: -26oC to 65oC
  • Motor Type: AC Motor
  • Voltage Options: 100, 150, and 230 V
  • Duty Cycle in Percentage: 25%
  • Gear Ratio Options: 10:1, 20:1, and 40:1
  • Static Load Capacity: 4,500 N
  • Maximum Load: 3,500 N
  • Maximum Speed: 28 mm per second

The actuator adheres to the regulations of IP54. The Acme screw actuator can also be used along with a potentiometer, and adjustable limit switches. These additional components adhere to the regulations of IP65.


The following information in the picture provides detailed specifications for the Acme screw actuator. We have provided specifications for standard products, as well as ones with a potentiometer.

Standard VIA5 Acme Screw Actuator

Standard VIA5 Acme Screw Linear Actuators

VIA5 Acme Screw Actuator With Limit Switch or Potentiometer

VIA5 Acme Screw Actuator With Limit Switch

VIA5 Acme Screw Actuator Technical Data

VIA5 Acme Screw Actuator Technical Data

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