RV & 5th Wheel Landing Gear

RV & 5th Wheel Landing Gear

Make & Model :

See Specification Sheet

Weight:Approximately 60 lbs

Additional Specifications:


  • Standard Mount (STD) [leg mounted inside of frame]
  • Outside Mount (OM) [leg mounted outside of frame]
  • Extended (X) [4" increased leg lenth]
  • Heavy Duty (H) [heavy duty drop leg]
  • Universal Mount (U) [leg mounts either side of frame]
  • Various model options can be combined to create different features. For example: One could request an outside mount, heavy duty, extended landing gear (OMHX).

All Landing Gear can be supplied with your choice of the following Accessories

  • Power Kit (single or dual)
  • Power Kit Wire Harness and Switch
  • Quick Release Pins (3 styles)
  • 3:1 Reduction box
  • Crank Handle Assembly
  • Part Kits
  • Mounting Brackets with hardware
  • Cross Tubes with hardware

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