Right Angle Drive Gear Boxes

Venture’s very versatile 890 Series actuators combine our standard 8500 series DC motor gearbox with a right angle worm drive gearbox providing a rugged and reliable motorized gearbox typically used with the above floor rack and pinion style slide out system. It is available in a large variety of versions.


Our patented design allows for easy disassembly of the actuator tube for serviceability if necessary.


  • Standard motor gearbox ratios: 18:1, 28:1, 58:1
  • 20% Duty Cycle typical (1on/4 off)
  • Clutch
  • Manual crank
  • 1200 lb. dynamic and 3000 lbs. static load rating in tension and compression.
  • Manual crank
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • 20:1 Worm Drive gearbox with steel worm and bronze worm gear.
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Standard mounting
  • ø5/8” output shaft

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Venture Manufacturing has been a key partner for Lippert Components since 1998. Part of being a successful manufacturing firm is having trusted, reliable suppliers; those relationships are key.
Venture's consistent and stable management team as well as their dedication to quality products has helped us grow, and to that we're very appreciative.
Jason Lippert
CEO Drew industries / Lippert Components, Inc.