Venture Mfg. Co. brings almost 40 years of manufacturing technology experience into the design and manufacture of innovative products, with an emphasis on Linear Actuators, both Ball Screw Actuators and Acme Screw Actuators, as well as RV Landing Gear, Motorized and Non-Motorized Gearboxes and Manufactured Housing Couplers and Jacks.

Venture is well-recognized in the Manufactured Housing Industry, Recreational Vehicle Industry, Home & Commercial Satellite Industries, Solar Industry and many other commercial industries for its Quality, Dependability, Customer Responsiveness and Original Product Designs

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ontime actuator delivery
Venture Manufacturing has been a key partner for Lippert Components since 1998. Part of being a successful manufacturing firm is having trusted, reliable suppliers; those relationships are key.
Venture's consistent and stable management team as well as their dedication to quality products has helped us grow, and to that we're very appreciative.
Jason Lippert
CEO Drew industries / Lippert Components, Inc.