850 Series Ball Screw Actuator

850 Series Ball Screw Actuator

Make & Model :
Size: 4 in - 52 in

Venture Mfg Co presents 850 Series Ball Screw actuators that are multipurpose as well as flexible. These actuators are highly efficient in providing complete automation and enhanced operational value to various machines.

Our wide range of commercial actuators in the Ball Screw category constitute of a proficient and durable ball screw and a DC motor gearbox. This combination enhances the performance in a ready to install linear drive system. Suitable to be used as a part of a multi-faceted mechanical system or as an individual gadget or in tandem, our ball screw linear actuator makes a feasible option in the automation of different processes.

What makes Venture’s Maxi Ball Screw Linear Actuators Different?

Our Maxi Ball Screw actuators have certain highly distinctive features that make them commercially and operationally viable:

  • Venture’s team of highly experienced and dedicated experts has developed our patented design that is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor utilization.
  • With lifetime lubrication and limit switches, these actuators are ideal for sturdy and rough handling.
  • Our 850 Series actuators are ideal for select 7000 lbs static load and 4000 lbs dynamic load rating in compression and tension
  • For resistance against corrosion, our actuators come with inner and outer zinc plated tubes that are highly tensile
  • You will get multiple mounting options with these actuators as per your convenience 


Why Pick Our 850 Series Actuators?

In order to provide you with the best equipped solution for your automation needs, we make our linear ball screw actuators available in CE as well as RoHS compliant versions. With the help of our 790 Series Gearbox, you can connect and drive multiple actuators. We make 3 feedbacks (Reed Switch, Potentiometer, and Hall Effect) available. You can use these actuators in varied applications such as ventilation, satellite tracking, solar tracking, medical and agricultural equipment automation and many more.

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