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At Venture, we welcome the opportunity to create custom actuators that suit specific application requirements of customers from a wide array of industries. Custom fabrication of actuators requires a team of expert designers and engineers, well equipped manufacturing facilities, top notch fabrication methods/techniques and also personnel who possess out-of the-box thinking. At Venture, we are fully equipped with all these factors, making the custom fabrication task quick, easy, and cost-effective.

Customize My Actuator

You Will Find Us To Be The Best In The Market

We have in-house modeling and testing capabilities, where actuators can be customized to your specific needs and specifications. We understand your specifications and other requirement details vigilantly before actually start working on the custom order. Moreover, we communicate with the customer on a timely basis if we are not clear about any specification given to us. This clear understanding about the definite requirements of customers allows us to deliver the most apt system that meets every specification our customer’s project requires.

Venture provides a full service design capability for products in our areas of expertise. Variations of products can always be accommodated to support your special needs.

At Venture, We Help You Customize a Standard Actuator Design in Any of The Following Parameters.

  • Strokes ~ 2” to 72”
  • Motor types ~ 110vac, 220vac, PMDC, and DC stepper
  • Various ratios available in gear drive, worm drive and belt drive
  • Feedback ~ Reed, Hall Effect, Potentiometer and encoders
  • Most available with limit switches, clutches or both
  • Various tube and end mounting options available

We Value Our Customers

We never deliver custom actuators that lack the expected quality and standard. This is the same case even with our custom linear actuator design. All the actuators are comprehensively checked and inspected for their efficiency, reliability and operational excellence before being shipped to the customers’ doorstep. This uncompromising commitment to quality has made us earn the position of one of the leading manufacturers of custom actuators.