OEM Capabilities at Venture Mfg. Co.

Venture Mfg. Co. is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of linear actuator products. Their proprietary solutions for motion control ensure excellent performance and long-lasting operation. They offer high-precision equipment designed to enable multiple industries improve performance and increase productivity of applications. OEM Capabilities at Venture Mfg. Co. The facilitation of manufacturing processes has allowed Venture

What Are The Different Power Sources of Heavy-Duty Actuators?

Actuators are now available in several designs with the ability to manage heavy-duty applications. Their functioning is not restricted to their design. With innovations in this field, heavy duty actuators are being designed in a compact fashion with higher efficiencies and performance capabilities. Power Usage of Heavy-Duty Actuators Heavy-duty actuators utilize several power sources depending

Tips to Follow When Designing a Linear Actuator Prototype

When placing an order of custom linear actuators, it is important to create a prototype first in order to fully understand its capabilities. The following points should be taken into consideration when designing a linear actuator prototype:

  • The prototype should also help you ascertain its efficiency and compatibility when in use. This can be done by testing the prototype a number of times. The tests will ensure its compatibility with different products and machines.

  • Before placing an order, you need to ensure that the prototype is being created with attention given to the size of the actuator and the type of external power source it will utilize.

  • With reference to the external power source, you can choose from electric, gear, DC, or stepper motor. Due importance should also be given to the application.

Why DC Gear Motors are Ideal for Precision Motion Applications

In motion control applications, one requires a power system that can help provide smooth, controllable motion without any excessive power consumption. DC gear motors are the perfect solution for this requirement. DC gear motors simply require an electric current to create the electromechanical energy required to create motion in an application. How DC Gear Motors

How Does a Linear Actuator Works?

As a crucial area of science, mechanical energy is making its presence felt through varied industrial applications every day. Linear actuators have become source of exploration for science and engineering enthusiasts, mostly because of their versatile ways of functioning. Linear actuators are industrial devices that generate mechanical motion in a straight line by converting energy

Things to Know About 12v Linear Actuators

The numerous kinds of industrial applications require an equally wide range of technical and industrial equipment to meet the operational targets. A linear actuator is a kind of equipment that generates motion within a straight line, unlike an electric motor that produces circular motion. Here in this blog we would talk about 12v linear actuators

Choose Venture Mfg. Co. for Custom Actuator Designs

Linear actuators are used in a variety of industrial applications ranging from automotive, manufacturing, and automation, to agriculture, solar tracking, and satellites. Standard actuators provide fast yet precise movements to support the smooth running of an application. However, many a time, there are applications that require the use of custom linear actuators that are designed

The Working and Advantages of Stepper Motor Actuators

Stepper motor actuators are among the popular types of actuators used in a variety of industries. The actuator uses a step method to perform a particular movement in an application. Unlike a linear actuator, which moves only in a perpendicular motion, stepper motor actuators move in rotating motions, which is performed using magnets. As its