Which are the Types of DC Gear Motor Controls?

A DC gear motor is a type of electrical motor, which runs on power supply from direct current. This motor is commutated mechanically. It is used to power various devices and appliances. DC motors are available in different sizes with varying capacities.

What is the basic principle involved in the working of a DC motor?

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DC motors work on the principle of electro mechanical energy conversion. It takes in the ‘incoming’ electrical energy in the form of direct current and converts it in to ‘outgoing’ mechanical energy for different devices to work. A magnetic field (with rotating and stationary magnets) is created in a DC motor, which helps in the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy.

Which are the various types of DC Motors?

DC motors are categorized on the basis of the connection of the field winding in relation to the armature. There are 3 main types involved:

  • Series DC Motor: In this type, the armatures and the field windings are connected in series.
  • Shunt Wound DC Motor: In this type of DC motor, the field windings are connected parallel to the armature
  •  Compound DC Motor: As the name suggests, in this type the field windings are connected in two sets; one set is parallel to the armature and the other is in series.

Which are the types of DC Motor Controls?

There are 3 main types of DC motor controls:

  • Manual DC Motor: In this type, the operator has to intervene and mechanically apply force for energy conversion.
  • Semi-automatic Motor: This motor runs with the use of switches and sensors. However, they are controlled by the operator.
  • Automatic Motor: Automatic motors too run with switches and sensors but there is no need for operator intervention.

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