Acme Screw DC Actuators: Why Are They Suited For Your Industrial Applications


The acme screw DC actuators are used in industrial equipment for generating smooth linear motion with high-performance efficiency. These actuators offer several benefits like low operating cost, low maintenance, back-drive prevention, etc. Owing to certain beneficial features, these actuators are utilized in several industrial machines like lathe, robotic devices, automotive setups, mechanized farming, equipment, etc. However, the wide scope of utilization of acme screw DC actuators is only possible due to the acme screw assemblies integrated into these actuators. Let us discuss how acme screw assemblies contribute to the performance and efficiency of acme screw DC actuators.

What are Acme Lead Screws?

The acme lead screws are the screws featuring trapezoidal threads in specific dimensions. The trapezoidal threads on these screws make these acme lead screws truly desirable equipment in several industrial setups. However, not all trapezoidal threads are acme threads. According to the ISO metric standards, acme threads are the trapezoidal threads with a pitch angle of 29° to 30° and thread height half of the pitch. These acme threads are the special types of threads in the lead screws that offer silent, smooth, and back-drive-free operation.

Now let us discuss how acme lead screws enhance the efficiency of acme screw actuators.

Contribution of Acme Lead Screws to Efficiency of Acme Screw DC Actuator

The following features of acme screw DC actuators are due to the integration of acme lead screws in the devices.

  • Silent Operations: The acme threads require no rotary or frictional components to operate, therefore the operation is silent.
  • Back-drive Prevention: Acme screws are installed in the acme screw DC actuators by using preloaded nut assembly which eliminates the backlash. Due to no backlash, the energy loss is prevented and the power efficiency is ultimately enhanced.
  • Operational Safety: The acme lead screws can bear static loads, thus, these actuators are safe to operate on static loads. Also, the acme screw DC actuators require no brakes as the acme threads feature self-locking ability. Due to the self-locking of acme threads, in sudden situations like a power outage, equipment failure, etc the brakes are not required to stop the operation of these actuators.
  • Load Carrying Capacity: These actuators are ideal for the vertical load as well as forwarding linear load as acme threads are designed to sustain the vertical and radial loads. Also, the use of polymer nuts in the acme screw assemblies offers negligible friction, which enhances the operational capacities of the actuators.

Being self-lubricating and exposed to minimal frictional forces, the acme lead screws require minimal or almost no maintenance. Also, due to backlash-prevention, the power requirement remains within specific limits. Owing to certain benefits, the operational cost of acme screw DC actuators is still affordable for most businesses. However, to exploit these benefits, it is important to buy high-quality acme screw actuators or acme lead screw DC actuators from reliable manufacturers like Venture Mfg Co. The Company offers Maxi ball screw actuators, which are available in standard and custom models to meet specific industrial needs. These actuators are equipped with 36/24vdc motors and are available with Super Sensor II Hall Effect 30 ppi, Super Sensor II Reed Switch 40 ppi, and Potentiometer feedback 0.25 kpi to handle heavy loads.

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