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At Venture Mfg. Co., we realize that technical support is a fundamental aspect for the selection of linear motion products. We provide technical and application support to customers who come to us with their standard and custom actuator requirements. Our goal is to go beyond design and manufacturing, and provide the best service to clients when they install and use our linear motion products in their applications.

Our service representatives are trained to answer every query. Our engineers can provide optimum cost effective solutions for maintaining the performance of the linear actuator products.

Venture Mfg. Co. provides technical support for all their products in the form of :


   Repair             Replacement             Maintenance

Why Opt for Support Services?

  • Longer product life
  • Improved Service
  • Higher efficiency
  • Planned downtime
  • Experienced Venture staff at your service
  • Use of compatible technology, hardware, and spare parts
  • Professional advice on optimal usage of products