SJ 45 AC Actuator
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SJ 45 AC Actuator


SJ 45 Series AC Actuators for Demanding Industrial Applications

The third actuator type in this series, the VSJ 45 actuators are designed for more strenuous applications. The design and operation of this type provides varied solutions to industrial applications.

Specialized Features and Benefits

SJ 45 AC Actuator Features

These industrial actuators provide precise and reliable actuation. They are capable of taking on a wide load range, up to 5,000 N. Options are also provided for tube types. Inner and outer tubes are available. The inner tube can provided with a protective plastic covering. Noiseless operation adds to the benefits of the actuator.

The SJ 45 Series AC actuators are designed for use in applications in the renewable energy, pulp and paper, and food and beverage industries.

Standard Actuator Additional Features

The general specifications of the SJ 45 Series actuator include:

  • Voltage: 115 and 230 VAC
  • Duty Cycle in Percentage: 17%
  • Temperature for Motor Thermal Protection: +120+5oC
  • Certifications:
    • UL E128837
    • CSA – LR92531 (115 VAC), E226168 (230 VAC)

SJ 45 Actuator Technical Data

The following information in the picture below provides detailed specifications for the VSJ 45 actuator.

SJ Series

SJ Series 1

SJ Series Technical Data

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